Byteball-Altcoin Exchange Bot

A Simple Bytes   Altcoin Exchange Bot.

Where you can send and receive your Bytes from over 60 different Altcoins.
Transfer from one currency to another as fast as the network can confirm your transaction.
For a reasonable fee of 0.75%.

Byteball Exchange Bot

exchange bot example

Exchange Bot Features

  • 1

    Bytes   Altcoin

    To exchange Bytes to an Altcoin: Send "to eth <altcoin address>" and the bot answers with an Byteball address to send the coins to.
  • 2

    Bytes   Altcoin

    To exchange from an Altcoin to Bytes: Send "from btc <byteball address>" and the bot answers with an Altcoin address to send the coins to.
  • 3

    Altcoin   Altcoin

    To exchange between different Altcoins: Send "generate ltc btc <bitcoin address>" and the bot answers with an Altcoin address to send the coins to.
  • 4

    List available currencies

    To list all available currencies send "currencies"

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QR Code

Scan this QR code!

For mobile wallets: Go into your Byteball-App click the rectangle on the very top right corner. Scan this code and you are done!


With pairing code

On a PC or Mac: just click here or alternatively enter displayed pairing code into your wallet.


How to start?

Pair up with the Byteball Exchange Bot. In the chat type help to see the available commands.

What is the Byteball Exchange Bot?

The Byteball Exchange Bot is an interface for an instant cryptocurrency exchange.

How does the Byteball Exchange Bot work?

The Bot takes your commands and forwards them to the cryptocurrency exchange (Changelly). The exchange generates the wallet addresses and manages the transaction and exchange.

What are your fees?

Every transaction has a reasonable fee of 0.75% (incl. 0.50% for Changelly).

In-Bot Help

To get instructions and see a list of commands type "help" into the chat.

Contact #robbterr

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